Frequently Asked Questions

How much do your cakes cost?
Prices depend on the size, complexity and number of servings needed. From what I have been told, my cake prices are comparable, if not cheaper, than some grocery store cakes. So if you think you can't afford me, think again!!!

Why do the mini cakes cost more?
Mini cakes are WAY more time consuming than one big cake!!!!

Do you do anything other than cakes?
Yes!! We do cupcakes, desserts, cookie, etc.

Can I get whipped cream icing on a wedding cake?
No. Just.....no. This is Florida. Enough said.

Do I have to buy a cake stand?
Not unless you really want to. I have stands that you can use on a loan basis but they require a CASH deposit equal to the purchase price of the stand. This deposit will be fully refunded upon the safe and prompt return of the item.

How soon should I order my wedding cake?
As soon as possible!!! Many people think of the cake as an after thought, which is NOT a good thing. The longer you wait, the slimmer the chance of your wedding date being available.

Do you replicate cakes?
No. I will take elements of cakes that you like and design something just for you. But I do not want to intentionally copy other people's work. Besides, they never look exactly like the other person's stuff anyway!

How much do you charge for a Wedding Cake Consultation?
All consultations are FREE and by appointment ONLY for up to 4 people. Contact me for availability.

May I sample your cakes?
Cake tastings are set up for weddings or large events only.

How many people can attend the tasting?
Please no more than 4 people. Charges will incur for more than 4 attendees.

Do you make groom's cakes?
Absolutely!! What did you have in mind??

Do I need a groom's cake?
Not at all. But they can add a little extra something to the reception. Groom's cakes can be anything you want!
***Don't want that football or golf cake at your wedding reception? Try having it at the rehearsal dinner instead! Your man's personality can still shine through without any interference of the wedding theme.

Do I have to sign a contract and pay a deposit?
To secure and confirm a wedding cake order, $100 deposit ($50 is non-refundable) is required. The remaining balance must be received 2 weeks before the event date. Unfortunately, I cannot hold a date without a deposit.

What if I cancel the event?
If the event is cancelled prior to 2 weeks before the event date, $50 of your deposit will be refunded. If the event is cancelled within the 2 weeks before the event, your entire deposit is non-refundable. Why is this you ask? Because chances are that by then I have spent the money to purchase any items needed for your cake. Also, I have more than likely turned down other cakes due to your booking.

What if I have to postpone the event?
That's not a problem. You can change your date without losing any money.

What forms of payment do you accept?
At this time I accept cash, checks and Visa, Mastercard, Amex and Discover. Please note that there will be a $50.00 fee for any returned checks.

Is there a delivery charge?
There is a $40.00 delivery and setup charge for wedding cakes in the Brevard County area. For delivery outside of Brevard, my charges are 50 cents per mile (round trip).

Can I pickup my wedding cake?
Yes, but I highly discourage it. Once that cake leaves my site, it is no longer my responsibility. So to ensure a safe delivery, you may want to let me do it!!!!

Do you arrange fresh flowers on my wedding cake?
I will put fresh flowers on your cake, however, please make arrangements with your florist for any cake flowers and make sure that the flowers you order are safe for the cake and do NOT contain pesticides. I will not hold any responsibility for flowers used that are poisonous!!!!

Can I get different flavor with each tier?
Yes, but remember that your guests may want to sample more than one layer and you may not have enough cake for that. Also, the pricing for different layers will be the specialty cake pricing.

How big is a serving size of wedding cake?
The dimensions are 1 inch 2 inches deep and approximately 4 inches high (2 layers). Final outcome of servings depends on the experience of cake cutter. A cake cutting guide will be provided with your delivery. That guide is also how I base my number of servings when placing your order.

Who cuts the cake(s)?
Check with your caterer or venue, some of them will provide this service free of charge while others charge a small fee. Another option is to have family members or close friends cut the cake for you.

Can I make changes after I order the cake?
Changes in size, flavors and decorations can be made up to 2 weeks before the wedding. A lot of planning and purchasing of supplies and equipment go into preparing for your cake. I am not able to make changes to the final order after the 2 week deadline. Changes to the cake may only be made by the bride or groom.

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